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The Guide

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(PDF; 2.7MB)

One of the functions of my job (my world outside photography) is website usability; a website may have a lot of great information, but if people can’t access it, it doesn’t do anyone any good.  I started to see some potential usability issues with PhotoTourism DC and took action to ensure this website stays fun and functional for you.  I summarized the key points of the articles I’ve written so far into the PhotoTourism DC Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

In The Guide, you’ll find tables that show (my opinions about) the best times of day and year to photograph certain locations, so you can lay out your trip.  I include graphs of monthly visitor levels and weather to back up my opinions.  I’ve also summarized information about what equipment to bring for photographing each location, so you can pack more efficiently.  Finally, I’ve included links to other DC photography and history sites, inspirational DC photographers, my photo technique tutorials, and helpful photography planning tools.


Tables and Graphs to Summarize the Voluminous and Varied Information on PhotoTourism DC

The Guide is a 2.7MB PDF file, so it may take a few seconds to download.  There are links and bookmarks to help you jump around within the document and hyperlinks to connect to Internet-based content.

I would absolutely LOVE feedback on The Guide.  I am going to update it as I write new articles and would like to improve its usefulness in subsequent versions.  I also plan on, someday, compiling the information on this website into an ebook.  This is my first attempt at a “proof of concept.” Let me know if there are any features I should add, whether anything can be improved, or even if you think it’s a dumb idea and I should stop wasting my time J Use the CONTACT FORM to fill me in.

 PhotoTourism DC Table of Contents

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