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The map below is intended to help you see, at a glance, the must-see places around Washington, DC. If you click on a map pin you’ll see a picture that links to a gallery of my other, similar photos on Flickr.  The pins are color coded so that:

  • GREEN pins are locations for which there is an associated Phototourism DC article (you’ll find a link by clicking on the pin).
  • BLUE pins have photos but no associated article.
  • RED pins don’t have photos yet.
  • YELLOW pins, when they appear, will be for events that will happen within the next month and have an associated Phototourism DC article.
I got this idea from the Stuck On Earth App created by Internet-Famous photographer Trey Ratcliff. If you have an iPad with 3G, I recommend downloading that app (it’s free!!) as a way of navigating and finding great photos. Barring that you always have the map below.
If you have a place to recommend or would like a picture of yours linked to one of the red pin locations let me know by commenting below.

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